Government challenged to formalise the exportation of agricultural products with Malawi.

Government has been challenged to formalise the exportation of agricultural products taking place between farmers in the Eastern Province and Malawi.

Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, beneficiary of the CEEC, Citizen’s Economic and Empowerment Commission, Ishmael Mwale, observed that there has been more agricultural produce being exported to Malawi unofficially.
Mr. Mwale noted that if explored more, the country could benefit more from the forex coming in from the exportations.
He further called on government to consider empowering small scale farming businesses more by selling maize at a subsidised price.
He expressed disappointment that government through FRA, the Food Reserve Agency sells maize to big companies, some of whom are foreign based, at a subsidised price.
Mr. Mwale appealed for government to instead consider selling the maize to small scale farmers with the capacity to store large quantities of the produce, so that the communities can buy and grind for themselves.
He says that this would drastically reduce the mealie-meal prices for the ordinary Zambians, and also provide the much needed empowerment to the small scale millers.

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