Government condemns unstable prices of basic commodities in Chipata.

Government has questioned whether some super markets and shops have an agenda to make the Patriotic Front government unpopular or just rob Zambians through increased prices of commodities.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says that over the past 10 days, his office has been monitoring prices in various shops and supermarkets.

Mr. Kasolo says that the differences in prices for various goods in some shops was amazing, saying in one shop, a bag of mealie meal was costing about 85 Kwacha, when the same type of mealie meal was costing 65 Kwacha in other shops.
He says that government is concerned with people continuing to pay high prices without justification, at the time when prices should be coming down.
Mr. Kasolo says that his office will continue monitoring the prices in shops until fairness comes to play.
He wondered why the super markets and what he described as unscrupulous business people are now robbing people through prices, when government has created a good environment for doing business in the country.
Mr. Kasolo explained that government will not allow the trend to continue, reminding the business people that government has powers to cancel trading licenses and that being a big supper market does not mean they can do as they please.

Meanwhile the provincial administration says that contractors will not be paid until the permanent secretary or deputy has inspected projects.
Eastern Province permanent secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says that in the past, some constructors have been paid even after doing shoddy works.
He said this as he commented over a teacher’s house which was built at Ukwimi Primary School, but says a check has revealed that the work was poorly done.
Mr. Kasolo says that what was disappointing was that his office received documents to be signed for payment of the contractor by the provincial buildings engineer.
He has warned that his office will take punitive measure against officers who agree to wrong things.

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