Government confirm double registration for grade nine candidates

The Ministry of Education has confirmed double registration of some candidates, who are supposed to sit for external grade nine examinations.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe says that the names for some candidates, who are supposed to sit for external examinations in June, are appearing on the list of candidates for internal examinations, which will be conducted at the end of this year.

Speaking to Breeze News, Dr. Lingambe explained that some school administrators registered the repeating candidates twice after ECZ, the Examination Council of Zambia delayed to respond to the first registration, where external candidates were included.

He says that his office will be holding a meeting with the affected schools to see how best the situation can be handled.

Dr. Lingambe further indicated that candidates might be given a choice to choose on whether to site for the external exams or internal exams later in the year.

He further stated that it was too early to state if the schools will have to refund the candidates, who paid for external exams but have their names appearing on the internal examination list.

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