Government departmental heads annoy Katete District Commissioner, Peter Kaisa after shunning Day of an African Child commemoration activity.

Government departmental heads in Katete have been warned against frustrating government programs in the district.


Katete District Commissioner Colonel Peter Kunda Kaisa said this when he called for a meeting yesterday at his office to address the absence of departmental heads during the commemorations of the Day of an African Child.

The District Commissioner pointed out that he would not want to see any person lose their job on the basis of failing to attend national days.

He reminded the heads of departments to be responsible to the government that employed them and the people they are employed to serve.

The district commissioner wondered what was so special in some offices that officers could not find time to interact with the community and find solutions for the community within which they are employed to serve.

He challenged the departmental heads to state which government they belonged to if they could not participate in national commemorations and events happening under the Patriotic Front government.

On Monday Katete district joined the rest of the country in commemorating the Day of an African Child but the event only started at about 11:30 hours with the district commissioner officiating without the presence of most government Heads of departments.

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