Government dismisses abuse of funds in the Lundazi trades project

Alleged mismanagement of resources is reported to have affected works of constructing Lundazi Trades Training Institute.

But authorities in Lundazi have however, dismissed the allegation that works at the learning institute stalled because of resource mismanagement.

Lundazi District Building Officer Felix Kaite says that delay in the completion of the institute was because government has not been funding the project for some time now.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Mr. Kaite stated that this has resulted into the contractor running behind the scheduled time of completion.

Mr. Kaite told Breeze News that the project is likely to resume this year, although he was unable to give a specific time when the project will resume.

He stated that it was up to the Ministry of Higher Education to honour the certificate of payment in good time for the works to resume.

About 21 million kwacha was budgeted for the construction of the project.

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