Government engineers protect poor performing contractors

Government has warned that it will blacklist all contractors performing shoddy works in Eastern Province.
Deputy Permanent Secretary, Patrick Mwanawasa says contractors who perform shoddy works will be blacklisted, regardless of whether they have friends in senior government offices or elsewhere.
Mr. Mwanawasa has revealed that there are some contractors who are defending their poor performance by explicitly referring to named government engineers who have approved their works
In a statement availed to Breeze News, Mr. Mwanawasa says that government has realised that certain contractors are underperforming in their execution of construction works at the expense of taxpayers’ money.
He has cited the construction of Chasefu Boarding School in Lundazi district, which has glaring cracks and unbelievable shoddy works.
Mr. Mwanawasa says that it is unacceptable and annoying that those who oversee the tender process have not taken a keen interest in monitoring the progress of public works in the province.
He has reminded civil servants that they need to ensure that the province has quality infrastructure.

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