Government expresses concern with the failure by civil servants to follow the public service code of ethics.

Government says that most civil servants do not follow the public service code of ethics.
The code of ethics is a document that provides guidance on standard behaviour required of public service employees.
Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary, Zachiria Luhanga, says that government developed an umbrella public service code of ethics for the purpose of promoting professionalism in the public service which is not adhered to by most civil servants.
He was speaking during the commemoration of the International Anti- Corruption Day held in Chipata today.
Mr. Luhanga urged heads of departments and other institutions to ensure that all employees adhere to the code of ethics in the discharge of their official duties.
He says that it is important that decisions made in the public service should be guided by the core values as contained in the code of ethics to help provide service in a professional manner.
Mr. Luhanga added that government has remained committed to the fight against corruption.
Meanwhile Anti- Corruption Commission Regional Manager, Raymond Banda urged the general public to take part in the fight against corruption by reporting corruption cases to relevant authorities.
Mr. Banda says that people should not be scared to report matters of corruption because they are rules that protect them from being harassed.
Meanwhile, very few people turned out for this year’s international Anti-Corruption Day.
This has disappointed eastern province Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary, Zacharia Luhanga.
Mr. Luhanga says that government is disappointed that most provincial and district heads of departments could shun away from such an important occasion.
He says that the Anti- corruption day is very important on which government officials and various stakeholders should share ideas on the fight against corruption.
Mr. Luhanga warned that disciplinary action will be taken against all district and provincial heads of departments who did not attend this year’s Anti- Corruption Day celebrations.
This year’s international Anti-Corruption Day is being commemorated under the theme, “Act against Corruption Today”.

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