Government expresses concern with the increase in uncollected garbage in Chipata.

Government has urged the Chipata Municipal Council to take garbage collection seriously.
Chipata district commissioner, Kalunga Zulu says that uncollected garbage is now making Chipata town look very dirty.
He said this has now become a source of concern.
Mr. Zulu further urged the council to sensitise residents not be throwing litter anyhow.
He said this during the District Epidemic and Preparedness Meeting held in Chipata.
Meanwhile, Chipata Municipal Council has set up a task force on land to carry out a land audit in the district.
Chipata Municipal Council Senior Land Surveyor, David Tembo told Breeze news that says the task force has been set up in order to have well-coordinated development of construction works in the district.
Mr. Tembo explained that for a long time there has been no sanity in the construction of buildings and land allocation in the district.
He explained that the exercise which has started with Kalongwezi Extension, will extend to all residential areas in the district in order to correct mistakes on land issues.
Mr. Tembo says that the local authority has observed that illegal invasion of plots, building of houses and structures without plans approved by the local authority is on the increase in the district.
Mr. Tembo further says that the exercise is not meant for witch-hunting but to ensure that developers who did not have legal documents for their plots, can normalise the situation.
He, however, urged the public not to shun the exercise, as those whose data will not be captured during the exercise will be charged.

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