Government focusing on improving employment prospects for Zambians.

Government is supporting the growth of a diversified and resilient economy to increase revenue and improve employment prospects for its citizens.

Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development, Acting Permanent Secretary Gideon Ndalama further says that the country is diversifying from copper mining to the development of other minerals.

Mr. Ndalama said this in Chipata at the official launch of a four day Training of Trainers workshop on business management, entrepreneurial skills, and market analysis and investment promotion in development of minerals.

The acting Permanent Secretary further said that the development of minerals is a deliberate target for the government diversification agenda considering that there are abundant resources found in all provinces of the country and can be used in the construction, agriculture, and manufacturing industries.

Mr Ndalama stated that to unlock the potential of the development minerals sector, government has partnered with UNDP, the United Nations Development Programme to implement development minerals programme to build the profile and improve management of development minerals.

Mr. Ndalama further said the country has the potential to stimulate economic activities and generate more local jobs, with a greater impact on poverty reduction.

Mr. Ndalama said that Zambia like other African countries needs to invest in skills to improve the mining sector’s performance.



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