Government gives grants worth over 800 million US dollars to livestock farmers in Vubwi district.

Government has given cheques worth about 872 million United States dollars as marching grants to 11 farmer groups in Vubwi district.
The 11 farmer groups from Vubwi are out of 90 livestock farmer groups in the province that have benefited from the marching grants under the Livestock Development and Animal Project supported by the World Bank.

And speaking when issuing the cheques to the farmers, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo urged farmers to put the money to good use by developing their livestock businesses.
He stated that any co-operative that will breach any of the provisions in the agreement will have their agreements terminated.
Mr. Kasolo says government attaches great importance to the livestock and fisheries industry because it plays a key role in contributing to rural incomes.
He says that with the current climate change, livestock comes as a substitute when rains are not good enough for crops as it contributes 35 percent to agriculture value added in the Zambian economy.
And speaking earlier, Provincial Tsetse Control Biologist, James Sikazindu says the province received applications from 700 livestock farmers but only 90 farmers met the qualifications.
He explained that the Livestock Development and Animal Project, which started in 2013 has seen 44 farmers in Vubwi being trained in livestock rearing.
Mr. Sikazinbu says the Department of Livestock and Fisheries will constantly monitor the farmer groups to ensure that they use the funds for the intended purpose.

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