Government gives out K125,000 worth of loans to women groups in Chipata

Government has disbursed loans amounting to 125 thousand Kwacha to 140 women under the Village Bank Programme in Chipata district.
District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu gave the money to women from Nabvutika, M’chini, Magazine, Msekera and Nsanjika areas this morning.
Mr. Zulu says government will continue empowering women through loans so that they grow their businesses.
He urged women to be paying back the loans, adding that 90 per cent of women who got the loans six months ago have managed to pay back.
Meanwhile 15 women from 165 women who benefited in the first disbursement of the funds did not manage to pay back.
This has led to a reduction in the number of beneficiaries from the first 165 women to 140 women in the second phase, because all the 15 women who did not pay back have been removed from the programme.
Mr. Zulu says that the government will involve the police to deal with women who did not pay back the loans.
He says in as much as government is keen to assist vulnerable women sustain their lives through entrepreneurship by means of loans, women should keep in mind that the money given out is a marching loan which must be paid back so that other women benefit.

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