Government happy with payment of loans by youths

Government is so far impressed with how beneficiaries of Youth Empowerment Fund are paying back the loans.

Youth and Sports Minister, Vincent Mwale says that the payment process has improved because of the stringent measures, which have been put in place.

Speaking to Breeze News this morning, Mr. Mwale also revealed that government has so far given out two Higer buses under the empowerment programme to youths in Chipata.

He says that after government procures all the 100 buses, about 12 buses will be given to young people in Eastern Province as a way of encouraging them to run businesses.

Mr. Mwale stated that government is committed to empowering young people adding that this is a priority programme.

The buses under an empowerment scheme are being bought at a cost of 60 million kwacha and will create 3,600 employment opportunities.

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