Government has banned cotton seed dealers from trading in unprocessed seed.

Government has banned cotton seed dealers from trading in unprocessed seed because it has lower yields.
Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone says that government has been compelled to take such a measure because the fuzzy seed was impoverishing farmers due to lower yields.
Mr. Sichone said this today when he toured China- Africa Cotton Zambia limited, which buys cotton from farmers and produces improved seed, cooking oil , livestock feed and 20 litre plastic containers.
The Provincial minister says the measure will not only protect and sustain local industries but also help farmers to increase their productivity which translates in more money in their pockets.
Mr. Sichone says government was aware that it was a bad year for cotton business as the prices were low adding that the company should put in measures to promote competitive prices.
He noted that the challenge of power outtages which has affected production at the company was a countrywide problem due to low water levels.
The minister was however quick to point out that there will be stability when the Maamba thermal project is connected to the national grid.
And company general manager Ma Ningchao says plans are underway to construct a textile industry which will be producing chitenge materials.
Mr. Ma urged cotton farmers to embrace acid delinted seeds as they were pest resistant, better germination and produces high yields.
He welcomed government’s measure to ban imported cooking oil stating that it was a good move for local industries.

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