Government has revealed high abuse of mosquito nets being distributed to people in Chipata.

Government has expressed disappointment with the rise in the abuse of insecticide treated mosquito nets in Chipata district.
District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, has observed that a lot of people are using mosquito nets for fishing, tying bags of charcoal, sweet and Irish potatoes and making granaries.
Mr. Zulu says that this is unfortunate that the trend is contributing to the rise in confirmed malaria cases in the district.
He says that despite a 100 per cent distribution of treated mosquito nets in the second quarter of this year, only about 40 per cent are being used for the intended purpose.
Mr. Zulu mentioned Tamanda and Mzeyi as some of the health centers that are recording increased malaria cases every week.
He says that government is spending a lot of money to purchase and distribute the insect-side treated mosquito nets with an aim of combating malaria.
Mr. Zulu says that it is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that mosquito nets are used for the intended purpose to reduce on the number of people, especially pregnant mothers and under children losing their lives through malaria.
He also says that there is need for the council to introduce a by-law, where anyone found to be abusing mosquito nets is punished.

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