Government institutes investigations into a collapsed bridge in Nthope Ward.

The Ministry of Local Government and Housing has instituted investigations into the collapsing of Mpawha Bridge in Chipangali Constituency.
This has been confirmed to Breeze News by the Provincial Local Government Officer, Maclaud Nyirenda.
Mr Nyirenda says that the bridge, which was constructed in 2011 using CDF, Constituency Development Fund, collapsed after 4 months.
He says that his office has taken long to investigate the matter because they did not have an auditor for some time.
Mr Nyirenda says that initial investigations revealed that the bridge was constructed using bamboo logs instead of steel.
He also told Breeze News that 40, 000 Kwacha was released for the project and that only 4,000 Kwacha was not utilised.
During the commissioning of some CDF projects last month, some farmers from Nthope ward, expressed concern with the washing away of the bridge.

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