Government intervens in Cargill job losses

Government has assigned the provincial labour office to follow up on the issue where more than 200 workers have lost their jobs at Cargill Cotton Company in Chipata.

Provincial Minister Makebi Zulu says that government is aware that Cargill has sold the business to Parrogate.

Mr. Zulu explains that in view of the concept of freedom of contract, the workers are free to either enter into an agreement with Parrogate, on being offered or be paid what’s due to them in compliance with the applicable law.

He says that the role of government in the matter is to ensure that the workers do not suffer an injustice, in what the minister has described as unfortunate process.

Meanwhile the United Party for National Development UPND has accused government of failing to handle the issue of job losses at Cargill.

Deputy National Chairperson for Youth and Sports Development Michael Chuzu says that government is quick to address issues of job losses in the mining sector but reluctant to address losses in other sectors.

Mr. Chuzu says the provincial administration needs to actively address the matter because the number of workers involved is too high whose families will be greatly affected.

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