Government is working on stiffening maize export laws

Government says it is working on a statutory instrument that will stiffen rules on the ban of export of maize and mealie-meal.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo confirmed to Breeze News that the statutory instrument on the ban of the export of maize and mealie-meal will be released to the public next week.

Mr. Kasolo says this will make the punishment on any person found to be smuggling maize and mealie-meal even harder.

Mr. Kasolo says that he has no sympathy for people involved in exporting maize and mealie-meal illegally adding that they risk being taken to court and losing their products.

Meanwhile, a truck loaded with 30 metric tonnes of maize has been impounded at Lusuntha Border in Lundazi district.

Mr. Kasolo confirmed receiving a report on the matter yesterday and expressed disappointment that people have continued smuggling maize despite government imposing a ban.

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