Government pledges to drill 200 boreholes this year in Mambwe District.

Government has pledged to drill 200 boreholes this year in Mambwe District.
Speaking during the Malaila Ceremony of the Kunda People in Mambwe District, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, Col. Panji Kaunda, said that the contract for the project had already been signed.
He added that Mambwe Day High School will be upgraded into a secondary school by a group of lodges in the region, and that Matula Day School would also be upgraded by government.
And responding to Senior Chief Nsefu’s concerns that the people need a district hospital to be constructed, Col Kaunda assured the Kunda Chiefs that a clinic would be built in the area in 2015.
Meanwhile, Minister of Labour, Fackson Shamenda, asked the people to exercise patience with the PF government, because some promises would be fulfilled, and some would not.
Mr Shamenda reiterated that since October 2011, to date, 300, 000 jobs had been created with the highest number coming from the tourism industry where close to 219,000 jobs have been created.
He further expressed sadness over disputes amongst chiefs over land wrangles and succession.
Mr Shamenda said that government will allow chiefs to regulate themselves on land boundary issues and will only come in where they have failed.

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