Government promises to fulfill conditions of service in the collective agreement next month.

The Ministry of Education in Eastern Province has assured teachers that the new conditions of service, will be implemented as agreed in the collective agreement.
Speaking to Breeze News, Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza stated that government will ensure that the conditions of service come into effect next month.
Mr Mwanza advised teachers that the new salary scale will change, because of the new salary structure, which incorporates workers from all government departments.
He says that the government will be paying workers according to qualifications, regardless of which department or ministry one works.
He explained that there will be harmonization of salaries and principle of ‘’equal pay for equal work’’ will apply.
Mr. Mwanza described the system as good, stating that it will get rid of the salary differences with people, who have the same qualifications.
And Mr Mwanza says that remuneration for CDEs, Classified Daily Employees will also improve starting September this year.

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