Government refuses to allow this year’s tobacco marketing use buying prices quoted in the United States dollar.

Government has directed that buying prices for this year’s tobacco marketing will be quoted in the Zambian Kwacha.
Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ Board Secretary, Samson Muyemba has confirmed the development to Breeze News.
Mr. Muyembe also says that this year’s tobacco marketing will open tomorrow and that floors will be managed by TBZ.
Mr. Muyembe says that TBZ does not see anything wrong with the decision made by government to have buying prices quoted in Zambian Kwacha.
But some farmers have condemned the move taken by government to impose the quoting of tobacco prices in the Zambian Kwacha.
Former EFAZ Vice Provincial Chairperson, Chishala Chilufya has maintained that farmers will lose out because the exchange rate for the Zambian Kwacha keeps changing.
Mr. Chilufya says that the move taken by government will discourage farmers from growing tobacco next farming season.
He has also accused TBZ of not providing enough information to farmers over changes that have been made in the tobacco buying exercise.

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