Government reserves relief maize for Mambwe district

Government has set aside 50 by 50 Kilogramme bags of maize for distribution to the vulnerable in an event that Mambwe district experiences hunger due to flash floods in the 2015/2016 rainy season.
District Commissioner Caroline Mwanza told ZANIS that the decision was made considering that the district is prone to floods and usually in need of relief food.
Ms Mwanza stated that Mambwe is usually affected by flash floods after heavy rains in Katete, Sinda and Chipata although Mambwe district itself may not have rains.
She stated that DMMU, the District Management and Mitigation Unit has also put in place stocks of chlorine and tents in preparation of flash floods that may affect the area.
And in another development, Mambwe District Commissioner Caroline Mwanza says that Government’s decision to lift the ban on the issuance of hunting licenses will benefit the people of Mambwe district who depend on monies realized from the issuance of hunting licenses for social and economic programmes.
Ms Mwanza said that Community Resource Boards CRBs were not able to meet their operational costs due to the ban on the issuance of hunting licenses.

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