Government says challenges in the agriculture sector are a drawback to improving people’s lives.

GGovernment says the agriculture sector has been faced with several challenges.

Eastern Province Assistant Secretary, Beezu Chikuba says that these challenges have become a draw back to the agricultures’ immense responsibility of transforming people’s lives from hunger and deprivation.
She was speaking yesterday at the 2015 Msekera Annual Agricultural Field Day held at Msekera Research Station in Chipata.
Ms. Chikuba said that unfavorable weather conditions have become characteristics of the recent times and requires strategies that should be applied in the efforts to seek economic emancipation and prosperity in the agriculture sector.
Ms. Chikuba however, commended the researchers at Msekera station and various partners for organizing a variety of remedies to challenges that have faced the agriculture sector.
The assistant secretary pointed out that the tour of sites at this year’s filed day revealed the remarkable opportunities existing for improving household food security, nutrition and enhanced household income generation.
She was quick to mention that the theme “Innovation beyond the golden jubilee”, acts as a reminder on many strides and challenges that have been achieved and faced over the years.
Ms. Chikuba said that there is a growing empirical evidence of positive influence of technologies such as conservation agriculture and agroforestry that are improving the farming system.
She added that there is need to look beyond technologies of the past and engage in what may not be regarded as traditional practices like the growing of drought resistant crops such as cassava.

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