Government says child marriages is one of the biggest human right issue facing Eastern Province

Child marriages have continued to be one of the biggest human rights issues being faced in Eastern Province.
Speaking during the commemoration of Human Rights Day, Provincial Assistant Secretary Beenzu Chikuba explained that government has taken legal steps to ensuring that human rights of all people are upheld.
Ms. Chikuba charged that all human beings are entitled to human rights, regardless of their gender, age, or status in society.
She has challenged all Zambians for the next 364 days to use every day to promote human rights of all individuals.
Ms. Chikuba said this in reference to this year’s theme which is “Human Rights 365.”
And Human Rights Commission Regional Investigator Winston Nunkwe explained that the theme encompasses the idea that every day is a human right day.
International Human rights day, which falls on December 10, has been commemorated since 1950.

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