Government says no personal or political grudge against former President, Rupiah Banda.

Government says that the removing of former President, Rupiah Banda’s immunity is not vindictive nor political vendetta.
Deputy Minister of Works, Supply and Communications, Panji Kaunda says that the removing of immunity was done to allow Mr. Banda answer corruption allegations.
Colonel Kaunda however, heaped the blame on Mr. Banda stating that if he had not refused to be interviewed by the Joint Investigative team, his immunity would have not been removed.
Speaking during Political Hour Programme on Breeze FM Saturday evening, Colonel Kaunda explained that Mr. Banda’s immunity would have been removed if the investigative team decided to take the matter to court after finding concrete evidence against him.
Colonel Kaunda also defended the process used to strip Mr. Banda of his immunity, stating that procedure was followed.
And Colonel Kaunda says that nowhere in the Zambian Constitution is the president required to consult opposition political party leaders when appointing ministers from opposition.
He says that opposition political parties have themselves to blame for by-elections because they expel their Members of Parliament who accept ministerial positions.

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