Government says that Eastern Province should start producing finished agricultural products.

Government says that Eastern Province needs to change from a region that produces raw agricultural materials, to one that also produces finished products.

Eastern Province Minister, Makebi Zulu, says that the province needs to start adding value to the agricultural products.

He says that this will help greatly in the economic development of the region as well as at family level.

Mr. Zulu also says it is important for people in the province to start promoting locally produced goods, as this supports the growth of local industries.

The provincial minister said this when he toured COMACO Chipata hub.

Mr. Zulu says he was impressed with the works COMACO is doing in promoting the production of local food stuffs as well as preservation of nature.

He explained that it is important that people are fully educated on the benefits of conserving nature.

And COMACO project manager, Whiteson Daka, emphasized the importance of serving ecosystem in the region.

He also said it is important for government departments to be more active, sighting Mphomwa and Lundazi forestry areas that have been encroached but very little is done to stop the trend.

Mr. Daka further pointed out the need for local involvement in the conservation of natural resources where chiefs can also have conservation plans.

Meanwhile, COMACO president, Dale Lewis, says that it is more important to educate people and give them better alternatives than engaging in the destruction of nature.

He pointed out that from the time the project commenced; a lot of chiefs have gotten involved in the conservation of nature.

Mr. Lewis noted that about 1,400 guns have been surrendered which were owned by poachers.

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