Government signs a 6,000 Pounds partnership to revamp the children’s public libraries.

Government has signed a 6,000 pounds partnership with Book Aid International to revamp the children’s section in public libraries.
This came to light during the launch of library week, in Chipata this morning.

Eastern Province Assistant Secretary, Beenzu Chikuba says Chipata is among six other districts that will benefit from the partnership, which will also see the children’s section in most libraries being rehabilitated and provided with appropriate children’s furniture and books.
She says that Book Aid International has also donated fifteen thousand and five children’s books for the project.
Ms. Chikuba explained that libraries play a very important role in the education system and social economic development of the nation.
Ms. Chikuba however observed that libraries are not well utilised by members of the general public.
She urged pupils and the general public to be using the libraries in their respective areas to improve their education and also for leisure.
Ms. Chikuba added that the Open Doors Children Corner is another project that is aimed at creating exciting environments in the public libraries for children to read, learn and play.
And Mr. Chikuba says that government alone cannot manage to improve the environment of libraries and called on stake holders to come on board and assist government.
The Library Week has been launched under the theme “Re engineering library services: responding to the needs of the 21st century”.

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