Government starts the process of legalizing mines in Vubwi district.

Government has started the process of legalizing mines in Vubwi district.

Provincial Mines Officer, Brian Nyambe revealed this yesterday when a team of judges inspected the mines stand during the Public Service Exhibition Day.

Mr. Nyambe says the Ministry of Mines has partnered with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the Bank of Zambia to start legal mining in Vubwi.

He says the Ministry of Mines will soon start issuing licenses to people interested in conducting mining activities in Vubwi district

Mr. Nyambe says this is one way of empowering the community with businesses because they will now have an opportunity to generate income through legal mining of minerals from Vubwi.

He says this will also assist improve the economy of the province and provide employment to a lot of people.

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