Government to arrest Chief Kambwili

Government has warned that people, who reportedly carried out an installation ceremony of a man calling himself Chief Kambwili in Chief Mwanya’s area of Lundazi district, risks being arrested.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says he is fully aware that someone has been masquerading as Chief Kambwili and reports indicate that he was officially installed a few days ago.

Mr. Kasolo says the man, who was reportedly installed as chief Kambwili, travelled to the area for the ceremony, with another existing chief from Muchinga Province.

He says that there is no such a chief by the name of Kambwili and that the said chief from Muchinga province would also be arrested for supporting an illegality.

The permanent secretary says security officials were sent to the area and he is currently waiting for a report.

Mr. Kasolo says government will correctly apply laws regarding chiefdoms and existing traditional boundaries in accordance with the constitution.

He emphasized that according to the Zambian constitution, government is no longer creating new chiefdoms.

Mr. Kasolo’s comment follows reports that an installation ceremony was conducted in Chief Mwanya’s area, where a man was installed as Chief Kambwili.

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