Government to buy vehicles for police in Eastern Province

The Police Service in Eastern Province is expected to receive new vehicles this year to help boost their operations.
Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Col Panji Kaunda says that government is aware that the entire police service in the country needs new vehicles to help with operations.
Col Kaunda says that plans are already under way by government to acquire new vehicles.
He said this in reaction to concerns that the police service in Eastern Province has been struggling to carry out investigations promptly, due to lack of vehicles.
During a stakeholders meeting last week, some people expressed concern that culprits sometimes get away with crime because police arrive at the scene too late due to lack of transport.
But Col Kaunda has assured that government is treating the matter with the urgency it deserves, stating that vehicles will be distributed to all police stations, depending on the needs.

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