Government to release 300 million Kwacha for payment to farmers

Government through FRA, the Food Reserve Agency is next week expected to release 300 million Kwacha for payment to farmers who supplied maize to the agency across the country.
FRA Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula has assured farmers that the agency will maintain prompt payments for maize purchases in the country.
Mr Kafwabulula said when he inspected Matonje satellite depot in Petauke district.
He indicated that a number of farmers, who supplied their maize two weeks ago, have already been paid and that the payments are on-going.
He disclosed that 15 million out of the 22 million Kwacha that was initially owed to farmers in Eastern Province has been released and paid and that more payments will be done this week.
Mr Kafwabulula observed that the highest purchases in Eastern Province are in Petauke and that Chipata is second.
Mr Kafwabulula expressed happiness that the depot is well fumigated and the maize stocks are well packed in a clean environment and that there are no signs of leakages in the roof.
He also noted that the agency is moving the maize stocks from some satellite depots to main holding depots in order to secure the grain ahead of the looming rainy season.
The FRA executive Director also inspected Manjazi where he found that 12,000 by 50 kilogram bags out of 13,000 that were bought at the depot have been moved to the main depot.
The FRA Executive director is in Eastern Province to monitor the marketing of maize.

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