Government told to assess extent of water problem in remote areas

Government has been urged to carry out an assessment to determine the extent of water problems in the rural parts of the province.
Headman Sitamba of Chief Chikuwe, Chamakanga Section Chairperson, Mgaiwa Banda of Chief Chinunda’s area in Chipata district and David Phiri of M’ngomba area in Sinda district, say that the water situation in rural areas has become critical.
They wondered why during the just ended Epidemic Preparedness and Control meeting, the issue of serious water shortages in rural areas was not adequately addressed.
They explained that due to the poor rainfall, most streams and dambos where people used to fetch water from have dried up.
They observed that while many water projects and mitigation measures are being put in place in towns to address water challenges, very little is being done to serve people in rural areas.
They charged that the water problems in rural areas could even be worse than in towns.
Headman Sitamba mentioned Chikokola, Chimtanga, Kavilaba and Menyani, as some of the worst hit villages in Sisinje area.

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