Government told to quicken the process of building chiefs palaces.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni has appealed to Government to expedite the construction of chief palaces.

The traditional leader has pointed out that some palaces like the one where he is staying are currently in a dilapidated state.

Chief Mpezeni said this when presidential aide for Project Monitoring and Implementation Lucky Mulusa paid a courtesy call on him at his Ephendukeni palace yesterday.

He says he has even decided to leave his Ephendukeni palace for fear of the building falling on him due to its bad state.

The paramount chief says in 2014, late president Michael Sata released money for the construction of chief’s palaces including his but nothing has been done by the government.

And Chief Mpezeni has also appealed to the Government to keep enough relief food in anticipation of hunger, which is likely to affect most parts of the country.

He says the government must not export maize to neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe because most of the people will have poor proper yield after the poor rainfall pattern.

And in response, Mr. Mulusa says he is aware that a lot of chiefs are currently complaining over the bad state of their palaces and assured that the Government will address the matter.

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