Government urged to move quickly on Access to Information law

Government has been urged to consider speeding up the process of enacting the Access to Information law.

The Civil Society Coalition on the ATI has demanded that the matter be treated as among priorities by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Chishimba Kambwili.

Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection JCTR Acting Director Geoffrey Chongo who is speaking on behalf of the Coalition says that the reappointment of Dr. Kambwili will also make it easy to proceed with the process.

He says that this is because Dr. Kambwili will not require any form of orientation for him to get down to work.

And Mr. Chongo has charged that any attempts to tie the ATI bill to the last failed referendum on the Bill of Rights should not be tolerated by any well-meaning Zambians.

He also says that assertions that the ATI bill cannot be presented before the National Assembly simply because its provision in the Bill of Rights was rejected by the people during the last failed referendum are not only disheartening but also regressive.

Mr. Chongo says the Civil Society Coalition on the ATI is therefore, very disappointed because such assertions are contradicting the commitment shown in the past by government to have this law enacted.

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