Government warns racist tour operators in Mfuwe

The provincial administration has revealed that some tour operators in Mfuwe have been conducting business in an exclusive manner by segregating Zambians.
Deputy Permanent Secretary, Patrick Mwanawasa says that the provincial administration has received numerous complaints from local tourists, who have been denied access to certain tourist lodges and camps for no valid reason.
Mr. Mwanawasa has warned that should the norm persist, tour operators will be forced to open their businesses exclusively to locals once or twice every calendar year, preferably April and August, when children are on holiday from school.
He has further warned that if this is not enough, government will not hesitate to revoke licenses for racist tour operators.
Mr. Mwanawasa has stated that Zambia is a sovereign nation whose people are at liberty to seek happiness and recreational activities from their natural resources.
The deputy permanent secretary has charged that what is obtaining in the Luangwa National Park is contrary to the policy dictated under the revised 6th National development Plan such as increased tourist arrivals and improved quality of service provision.
He has stated that his office will liaise with ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority to seek clarification on how much tax is declared by tourist operators and analyse as to whether the influx of tourists and the incomes generated thereof yield a positive correlation.

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