Government warns unscrupulous people against smuggling maize into neighboring countries.

The Ministry of Home Affairs says it has stepped up its efforts to curb smuggling of maize into neighboring countries.
Home Affairs Deputy Minister Steven Kampyongo says that the level of smuggling has reached alarming levels and could jeopardize the security of the country if there is a food deficit.
Speaking during a live radio programme on Breeze FM, Mr. Kampyongo warned those involved in the illegal activity to stop, stating that law enforces will not hesitate to punish offenders.
And Mr. Kampyongo revealed that police have uncovered a scam where people in some deports in Eastern Province are diverting and smuggling maize, meant to be sold to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.
Meanwhile government has embarked on a project to decongest prison facilities in the country.
Mr. Kampyongo noted that with the growing population it has become unbearable to operate and keep the prisoners in the facilities as they are congested.
He also says that government intends to scale up food production in prisons using spared land and focus on correctional efforts rather than just keeping people in prisons as a way of punishment.

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