Health workers in Eastern Province shocked with the 4 per cent salary increment

Health workers in Eastern Province are unhappy with the increment of salaries for civil servants.
Health Workers Union of Zambia Provincial Chairperson, Ortan Kaluba says that the workers cannot understand what criteria were used to increase the salaries.
Mr. Kaluba told Breeze News that the health workers have only been given a 4 per cent increment while CDEs, Classified Daily Employees have received almost 100 per cent increment.
He says that this has seen salaries for CDEs moving from one thousand eight hundred Kwacha to two thousand nine hundred Kwacha while salaries for professionals have only been adjusted upwards by about 400 Kwacha.
Mr. Kaluba says that this is a clear indication that union leaders in Lusaka did not negotiate properly when coming up with the new salaries, adding that there is a slight difference in salaries between CDEs and professionals.
He stated that some health workers have now started demanding to seek audience with Republican President, Michael Sata over the matter.
And Mr. Kaluba has revealed that government has introduced a Health Shift Allowance, which has seen diploma holders getting 400 Kwacha while degree holders have been given 800 Kwacha.

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