HH calls for protection of freedom of speech and assembly

United Party for National Development, UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema has called for the protection of freedom of speech and assembly at all times.
In his letter to republican President, Edger Lungu dated July 17, Mr. Hichilema says that Zambians do not need permission to express their opinion or assemble.
He explains that that political leaders and Mr. Lungu in particular as republican president, must lead by example and condemn any acts of violence.
Mr. Hichilema says that failure to discipline political cadres threatens Zambia’s’ stability.
The letter read in party that Zambia cannot continue pretending to be a beacon of peace in the southern region when laws are being unevenly applied and freedom of assembly and speech are clearly under attack.
Mr. Hichilema observed that President Lungu is preaching the One Zambia One Nation slogan, while at the same time, is not disciplining gun-running PF cadres and Secretary General, Davies Chama for his offensive remarks to Zambian citizens.
He also explained that government needs to offer hope to Zambians, as the country’s economy is in shambles and facing other serious challenges such as power shortages and limited opportunities for youths.
Mr. Hichilema says that President Lungu must fulfil the responsibility of ensuring equal application of the law regardless of political affiliation.
He observed that in instances where violence has broken out, PF cadres are favoured even where they are the perpetrators.
The UPND leader says he wrote the letter to President Lungu following a serious attack on his life in Kitwe earlier in the week and the violence that occurred in Mulobezi during parliamentary by-election.

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