High cement prices worry EPCCI

Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI says the increment in prices of cement will have an impact on the overall cost of construction.

EPCCI President Thomas Mtonga further says the increment in prices of cement has come few weeks after the prices of fuel were increased.

Mr. Mtonga says the current price of cement, which is trading at 90 Kwacha for a 50 kilogramme bag, is difficult to justify.

He says that this is because the introduction of the two Kwacha exercise duty on a pocket of cement cannot push up the price by more than 20 Kwacha.

Mr. Mtonga however, says that there are a number of factors that can affect the price increment of cement.

He explains that the valuable costs of cement are energy during production and transportation.

Mr. Mtonga hopes the prices of cement can stabilize because it has a serious impact on developers.

He joined calls by some stakeholders to authorities to investigate why prices of cement have gone up in Chipata.

Mr. Mtonga noted that Zambia has two major companies producing cement, who cannot sale the product at the same price.


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