High court hears how a herbalist offered spirits protection

A traditional herbalist this morning testified in the Chipata High court how he and his wife assisted a young man get protected from a spirit of a dead man that was haunting him.

Lyson Mwanza 60 of Zoolo Village in Nyimba district told the court that on October 7th 2015, he and his wife, Agness Phiri received a client, Mateyo Mwanza and guessed that the problem that brought him to their house was that he touched human blood.

Mwanza says he and his wife assisted Mateyo to be protected from the spirit of a dead person he claimed was haunting him and was charged 150 kwacha for the service.

He says to their surprise, Mateyo returned to their house after two days in a company of some police officers, who asked Mwanza to identify the young man of which he did.

This is in a matter where, Petani Tembo of Nyimba was murdered between October 6th and 7th, 2015, and his body was later exhumed by medical doctors and police officers for further examination as some of his body parts were missing.

Tembo was first suspected to have been hit by a vehicle as his body was discovered along the Great East road in Kacholola area.

Other witnesses who testified to the matter are two police officers, Constable Amos Chipango and Detective Chief Inspector Mike Kasuma both of Nyimba police station.

Parents to the deceased, Christopher Tembo 52 of Kacholola Village and Tasila Phiri 40 also testified in court how their son disappeared from home and how they suspected that he was murdered and not hit by a vehicle as earlier reported.

The matter is before High court Judge, Mathews Zulu sitting in the Chipata high court.

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