High number of pupils dropping out of school in Chadiza worries government.

The high number of pupils dropping out of school due to early marriages and cattle heading has saddened the Ministry of Education in Chadiza district.
This came to light when Chanjowe Basic School Head Teacher, Nathan Phiri presented the school report during the AGM, Annual General Meeting held at the school.
Chadiza District Education Board Secretary, Ruth Moyo says that a number of pupils drop out of school because their parents use them for financial gain in cattle heading and early marriages.
Speaking earlier, School Senior Teacher, Kenny Lungu disclosed that 24 girls and 7 boys dropped out of school between January and December 2012 due to early marriages and cattle heading.
Mr. Lungu appealed to parents to cooperate with teachers in disciplinary issues in order to have good results at the school.
And Mr. Lungu also appealed to the community to help the DEBS District Education Board Secretary’s office in providing upfront materials for construction of additional classroom blocks and staff houses at the school because the school has only 8 classroom blocks, 23 teachers and 11 staff houses.
Meanwhile, PTA, Parents Teachers Association Chairman, Chedai Phiri disclosed that 50 thousand kwacha rebased has been given to the school under, CDF, the Constituency Development Fund to construct a one by three classroom block.
And Mr. Phiri appealed to parents who refused to pay school fees for their children to cooperate with the school administration in paying the money.
He says that some parents have refused to pay 65 kwacha per term as school fees.

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