Human error to blame for most road accidents in Zambia.

Ninety per cent of crashes in Zambia are reportedly caused by human error.

The newly formed Zambian Road Safety Trust, observes that road crashes are not accidents but rather devastating and preventable events.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Chairman Daniel Mwamba says that continuous use of “accident” fosters the idea that the resulting injuries are an unavoidable part of life.

He further says that Zambia, with almost 2000 fatalities in road crashes per year, is one of the worst performing countries, as far as road safety is concerned.

Mr Mwamba explains that Zambia has less than 0.02% of the world’s registered vehicles, but almost 14 times the proportion of fatalities from road traffic crashes.

He says it is unfortunate that more than 50 million people globally are seriously injured every year due to road crashes with over 3 500 deaths a day.

Mr Mwamba has called on all road users to exercise caution when on the road, to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.


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