Human Rights Commission condemns ZNS torture allegations

The Human Rights Commission has described the alleged harassment of a woman by ZNS, Zambia National Service Officers in Chief Chanje’s area in Chipata as a violation of fundamental human rights.

Human Rights Commission Chief Information, Education and Training Officer, Mwelwa Muleya has told Breeze News that such conduct on human beings is regrettable and should not be committed by any law enforcement official.

Mr. Mwelwa says no law enforcement officer is mandated to punish, mistreat or harass a suspect before finding them guilty of an offence.

Mr. Mwelwa expressed disappointment that such allegations are pointing to ZNS officers who understand the law better.

He says the Human Rights Commission will follow up the matter to find out the truth and establish what kind of action will be taken against the officers.

A woman in Chief Chanje’s area was ordered to perform a traditional dance known as Cinamwali by ZNS officers after suspecting her to be smuggling maize to Malawi.

ZNS Commandant, General Nathan Mulenga says that the matter will be investigated and that officers involved will be disciplined.

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