Hunger has hit Chief Chitungulu’s area in Lundazi district.

Hunger has hit some parts of Chief Chitungulu’s area in Lundazi district of Eastern Province.
Lumimba Ward councillor, Alex Banda, told Breeze FM correspondent in Lundazi Mtambwa Nkhoma that people in most parts of the area are now depending on mangos for food.
He attributed the hunger situation in the area to droughts that the area experienced during the last rain season.
Mr. Banda also said that people’s crops were constantly affected by wild animals from Lubambe Game Park.
The councillor mentioned Lubambe, Milungwe, John, Chibeza, Lupangala, and Luliko, as some of the villages that have been worst hit in Nthumbwe area.
And Lundazi district commissioner, Janet Mvula acknowledged receiving reports of hunger in Chief Chitungulu’s area in the valley.
Ms. Mvula explained that she is currently waiting for FRA, the Food Reserve Agency to allocate maize for relief food, which DMMU, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit will deliver to the area.
The district commissioner said that she has already started engaging with some organisations that would assist to transport the maize.
Recently, Ms. Mvula also castigated ZAWA, the Zambia Wildlife Authority for not seriously guarding people from wild animals.

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