Hunger hits Chief Mwanya’s area in Lundazi district

Hunger has hit Chief Mwanya’s area in Lundazi district due to poor rains in the 2014/2015 farming season.
Chief Mwanya has since appealed to government to send relief maize to the starving villagers.
Chief Representative, Clement Phiri told Breeze News that government should send relief maize before the rains start as roads to the area become impassable during the rainy season.
Meanwhile Katete Acting District Commissioner, Charles Sakala has assured people in Katete district that government will provide relief maize to starving villagers.

Mr. Sakala says the district has received 50 metric tonnes of maize but distribution has delayed due to the verification process that the District Disaster Management Team has to undertake.

He noted that government is aware that some villagers have been seriously affected by hunger, citing Vulamukoko Ward where over 1000 people are affected.

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