Hunger is looming in most villages in Vubwi district.

Most villagers in Vubwi district are reported to be running out of food.

Vubwi Area Member of Parliament, Eustarckio Kazonga has confirmed the development.

The Dr. Kazonga says the area is facing starvation because many households had grown cotton in 2011/2012 farming season because they thought they would be good prices for the commodity.

Dr. Kazonga says the situation is serious and has appealed to the government to start sending relief food to address the situation.

Speaking when he toured some villages in Vubwi, Dr Kazonga explained that the maize in the area is not enough to take the villagers up to the next harvest season.

Dr. Kazonga who did not disclose the number of households facing hunger in the area, says there is need for DMMU, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to visit the area and assess the hunger situation.

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