Hyenas terrorise Chief Chikuwe area

Hyenas are reportedly terrorizing Mbenjele area of Chief Chikuwe in Chipata district.

Geoffrey Msamalila Mvula, who is Chief Chikuwe’s nduna, told Breeze News that a number of domestic animals especially goats and cattle have been attacked.

Mr. Mvula says villages such as Limbikani and Yambani as well as Chipitule section have all been affected.

And Headman Londolani says that the hiding place for the hyenas is well known and asked that Department of National Parks and Wildlife to visit the area and help the villagers.

But when contacted, Acting Area Warden, Webster Katebe, explained that his office has not yet received any report on the matter.

He advised that people affected by wild animals must quickly report to his office so that officers are sent to make assessments.

Mr. Katebe explained that the only report his office received came from Chief Chinunda’s area where lions were attacking animals.

He explained that officers were in the area for about one week and followed footsteps, which showed that the lions have gone back to Lukusuzi National Park.

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