Hyenas terrorise villagers in Kazimule Ward

Hyenas are reported to be terrorising people in the surrounding villages of Katawa Primary School in Kazimule Ward of Chipata district.
Kazimule Ward Councillor, Penias M’shanga confirmed this to Breeze News.
Mr. M’shanga says the hyenas move about the villages in the night making noise, which has instilled fear in villagers.
He says people’s lives are in danger because the hyenas may harm them if the situation is not addressed.
The civic leader says the latest incident was last Sunday when the hyenas reached Katawa Primary School at night and their footprints and fur were discovered in the morning at the headmaster’s office.
Mr. M’shanga has appealed to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks to move in and address the situation.
He added that the Department of Wildlife and National Parks can as well give authority to the people to be killing the vicious wild animals.

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