Illegal immigrants sleeping in broken down vehicles in Chipata

Some illegal immigrants are sleeping in broken down vehicles at garages in Chipata district.

A check by Breeze News revealed that the illegal immigrants prefer to sleep in these vehicles at some garages situated along a road leading to David Kaunda stadium.

And Immigration Department Public Relations Officer Namati Nshinka says the department is not aware of the illegal immigrants, who have turned vehicles in garages into houses.

Mr Nshinka however, says that the department is aware of a number of immigrants who enter the country unlawfully because of the porous border.

He explained that Malawi and Zambia have a porous border, which makes it easy for people to enter the country using undesignated routes.

Mr Nshinka says officers from the department have moved in to arrest illegal immigrants adding that from January 2nd 2017, the department has arrested about 15 illegal immigrants in various districts of Eastern Province.

He says that six Malawians who illegally entered Zambia were arrested in Lundazi while one was arrested in Katete and three in Chipata.

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