Illegal land allocation affects ZRA

Chipata Municipal Council has given a stop order to people constructing a shop in front of ZRA, Zambia Revenue Authority Offices near Saturday market.

Council Spokesperson, Taonga Kaonga told Breeze News that this is because management at the local authority did not allocate any plot in front of the ZRA offices.

Ms. Kaonga says the council has allocated a good number of plots in Saturday market and offer letters where given to people for the construction of shops.

She however, says that the local authority is saddened to see some developments taking place outside the market where they did not allocate any plots.

Ms. Kaonga says management at the council have reliable information that the Saturday market committee was responsible for the illegal allocation of other plots outside the market.

And a check by Breeze News at the area yesterday found that people who had started constructing a structure in front of ZRA offices have stopped.

Saturday Market Chairperson, Peter Soko could not be reached for a comment by News time.

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