Illegal land developers in Chipata invade land at Kaumbwe graveyard.

The problem of land developers encroaching on land belonging to the graveyard has continued in M’chini Compound of Chipata.
This time, some people have started sharing land near Kaumbwe graveyard along Malawi road.
Dilika Ward Councilor, Alberto Phiri told Breeze News that the same people have already started clearing the bush in the graveyard without authority from the council or him.
Mr. Phiri says the residents have threatened to deal with anyone who tries to stop them from developing the land, claiming that they have been given a go ahead by higher authorities.
Mr. Phiri has warned the illegal land developers to immediately stop their activities because it is illegal to encroach on land meant for burying people.
He says that Chipata district already has a problem of space for graveyards and the situation will worsen if such illegal activities are not stopped.
This is the second case of people building on graveyard land in the same area, with the first being a church building that has been constructed in M’chini graveyard.

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